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Illustration - sapanet

Sapanet ™

User-friendly, intuitive, modular, flexible, adaptable, communicative.

This laboratory quality management software was created by a team of engineers, technicians and quality consultants specialized in this field in the 1990s. Sapanet is now operational in the private and hospital sectors.

Illustration - sapanet

The advantages

  • Quality Management

    The most crucial issue in quality management is not to describe, nor to write procedures, nor to establish a diagnosis, but to keep the quality approach live.

    The success of this approach will depend on the capacity of the IT system to manage the distribution flows, to collect and process information.
    The SAPANET solution provides you with the control and flexibility to achieve this objective.

  • An integrated messaging and workflow system

    An integrated messaging and dashboard that gives each staff member, depending on his position in the organization, a dynamic view of the events in the laboratory.

Sapanet is connected to the main hospital economic and financial management applications (GEF), Hospitalis, as well as to the main ordering platforms on the market, DiagDirect, Roche and the central purchasing agencies.


Management and organization of the structure and means of production. monitoring of equipment and maintenance.

  • Organization of the entity
  • Tree structure of the organizational structure of the entity, multi-establishment and multi-sector
  • Planning of corrective interventions, management of provisional schedules and execution of these tasks (computer backups, internal audits, periodic meetings or management reviews…).
  • Dynamic inventory, traceability on the life sheets.


People management, user profiles, training and assessment, skills matrix

  • Software management
  • Management of people, skills and assets.
  • Administration of the software, management of access profiles, connected persons and disconnection time.
  • Description of print formats and printers, management of the queue of launched prints.
  • Personalized management of favorites by profile.
  • News management allowing to transmit information to connected or not connected people


Document management, repository links, document production monitoring, dashboards

  • Documentation management.
  • Document creation or update protocol, configurable workflow.
  • Dynamic management of forms.
  • Customized queries.
  • The quality manager (QM) can control all phases of document creation or updating.
  • All the people involved are notified by messaging and this allows them to plan the actions to be taken.
  • This process, otherwise known as workflow, is fully configurable, from the document templates to the types and number of steps, including the revision work flow.
  • The quality manager has the ability to manage his document base with its history and to link each document to a structure and to the organization of the laboratory.

Docalis is the indispensable tool for the quality manager to update and trace the history of versions, to control the correct reading of texts, and to offer the team a reactive and powerful document search tool.


Management of products, suppliers, orders and stocks, traceability, statistics.

More than just inventory management, SAPA Stomélia manages the chain of tracability, with alerts and automatic messages.
Not only does Stomélia guarantee the proper execution of inventories and controls, but it also allows for cross-referenced statistics.
Stomelia also allows the sector or laboratory manager to prepare statistical analyses for supplier contract reviews.
Staff can easily manage products and consumables on a daily basis, and are also alerted to use-by dates.

Thanks to Stomelia, the quality assurance manager can monitor product traceability, expiration dates, and storage conditions.
The management of product and consumable inventories is carried out through Stomelia, allowing you to automate your orders very simply, and thus to make savings in terms of stock in progress, as well as to exercise control over the quality of the products and reagents you receive.

Dynamic inventory management, consumption management, traceability, statistics


Management of personalized files, undesirable events, non-conformities, action plans, audits, supplier evaluations.

Vigilia is the module that allows you to create, enter and use QSE sheets (Quality, Health and Environment)

Management of non-conformities sheets

The Vigilia module offers you the possibility to centralize the deviations and anomalies observed in the laboratory. The forms are entered by the authorized users and the quality referent can validate and exploit them. In order to offer you the greatest flexibility, each form is fully customizable in its data and presentation. The graphic design tool for the forms will allow you to create an unlimited number of models.

Action plans

The exploitation of events, which can be sorted and analyzed, can lead to the creation of action plans that will ensure :

  • Analysis of the causes
  • Implementation and follow-up of actions: preventive, corrective or improvement
  • Verification of the effectiveness of the actions taken


Vigilia allows you to create, plan and follow up on audits and the resulting actions.

Evaluation of suppliers

It is possible to create a planning for these evaluations, to link a form (Vigilia) to link documents as well as all the events related to this supplier, its products and its equipment.
You can also link a form (Vigilia), documents or all the events related to this supplier such as its products and equipments.

Statistical analysis

The statistical exploitation of the information from the events is done in a few clicks: data visualization, groupings, filters, search, totals, inter-fiche statistics, graphic presentation (breakdowns and evolutions), export…

Process management

Links with all the elements described in Sapanet, allowing a search by process.


In addition to the alert to the referents on a form, Vigilia also proposes the triggering of customizable alerts, based for example on the number of events entered over a period, or on the exceeding of a value that you will have defined yourself.