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Illustration - edgetrack

EdgeTrack ™

Reference solution for the management of transfusion and blood products in healthcare facilities

EdgeTrack is composed of 2 modules:

Management of the blood depository
Traceability of blood products

Management of the transfusion file
Prescription / Administration
Traceability of blood products

Thanks to its perfect compatibility with the EFS’s current business software, choosing an INLOG hemovigilance solution guarantees easy and complete communication with your distribution establishment.

Illustration - edgetrack


EdgeTrack is our hospital transfusion management software solution developed to provide blood banks with complete management of their transfusion service, helping them to efficiently select the most appropriate blood products and track those products from point of origin to the patients being transfused.

The features

  • Management of emergency, relay or delivery depots (optional)

  • EFS communication (AFNOR, CDAR2, ERA,...)

  • Complete transfusion file

  • Prescription of LPB (Labile Blood Product)

  • Orders and reception of LBP (Labile Blood Product)

  • Patient information, pre/post-transfusion follow-up

  • Transfusion confirmation, incident recording, etc.

  • Incident reports, FIT, surveys, statistics...

  • Traceability of PSL (search by product, by bag number, by patient)

  • Post-transfusion follow-up with report and configurable delay

Edgetrack Ward

“The transfusion software module 100% dedicated to the care units and strictly “patient oriented”.”

We find features offered by EdgeTrack, but enriched and presented in a way specifically adapted to the context of care production.

The features

  • Consultation of the transfusion file

  • Assisted prescription of PSL and analyses

  • Planning of prescriptions and follow-up of the PSL of the care service

  • Compliance check upon receipt of blood products in the department

  • Pre-transfusion controls

  • Management of the return of non-transfused blood products

  • Management of mandatory patient information

  • Management of transfusion incidents

  • Confirmation and return of transfusion

  • Traceability of PSL (search by product, by bag number, by patient)